BE the Reminder: It’s time!!!

Recently, I went on a trip to Unity Village to be interviewed for admission to the ordination program at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. The experiences I had there were incredible. When I arrived back home, I was filled with new insights and I realized I wanted to share these insights with the world. This blog provides the forum for me to share them now!

I have often said I need daily reminders to help me remember I am a spiritual being have a human experience. We all have human tendencies and there are always going to be times when we need to remember who and what we TRULY are. Well, when I returned home from this latest trip, I realized it was not enough to simply wait to be reminded of spiritual principles and laws. I believe the time has come for me to BE the reminder! I’m hoping many of you reading this blog will join me on this quest.

Life is not always easy…in fact, it can be super challenging at times. There was a time in my life when I would wallow in self pity, wishing that the circumstances would magically change overnight (without any input on my part). I’m happy to say I outgrew this approach but, lately, I am seeing there is more that I can do. I no longer need to sit back, read inspirational quotes, and wait for life to get better. I have learned that I have many choices throughout each day and I can actually choose to be that person who reminders others through my words and especially my actions. Another way to put it would be to “walk my talk”.

For instance, I can listen…not try to fix someone…but just listen to what they have to share. The gift of listening to a friend or family member is priceless. I can volunteer somewhere I’ve never been before and meet new people. I can be Peace…an example to those I meet of  what Peace looks like from my perspective. I can reach out to two or three new people each week at church or sit in a different section so that I can greet different people each week. There are many things I can do to BE the reminder rather than wait to receive them.

I was blessed with the opportunity to share this idea at Unity of Fort Myers and I was amazed at the number of people who said they were ready to join in. If a small group of people start this and begin to act out the positive reminders that they wish to see, imagine what it could look like in an entire city, state, or country. This website will be devoted to sharing reminders with each other. I encourage you to follow my blog and contact me if you have any ideas about how we can all BE the reminder. I chose the phrase “WE ARE THE REMINDER” for this website because, with your help, we can start sending this message around the world. Thank you for reading this, thank you for sharing it if you are moved to do so, and thank you for showing the world, through your actions, that you are the reminder they need to see. It’s time to leave our comfort zone, choose to change our behaviors, and walk our talk. READY, SET, LET’S GO…TOGETHER!

Blessings friends!


Kathleen Kerswig, LUT




  1. Ah The Village…I had never been when the fountains are flowing. Such beauty. Such serenity. Yet I could also feel the energy of students and teachers and visionaries that walked before us. I was reminded or re-awakened in March there at my ministers’ ordination through the field ministry path. Thus my calling to join you and beautiful others to say yes, let’s walk this road of ministerial student, let us learn from each other, let us remember our souls’ essence and share that Light. Blessings my friend. Tracey

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