We Can Be The Reminder

About two weeks ago I launched my new website “We Are The Reminder”. The idea behind this website is to focus on how we, as individuals, can remind others of how life can be when we are being Peace, Love, Joy, and Compassion. So, how is everybody doing with this concept? Have you been out in the world, being the reminder to people? If not, do you think you are ready to start now?

This idea came to me about a month ago as I was preparing a talk for a Sunday Service at Unity of Fort Myers. I am a Licensed Unity Teacher and I’ve had opportunities every month or so to present the Sunday lesson and meditation during the morning service. I realized that my inner guidance was nudging me to do more than just pray for others. I was feeling the guidance to get out in the world and DEMONSTRATE to everyone (friends and strangers) just what it looks like to think, feel, and act from a place of Love and Peace. Ooh, that may sound easy but I know that is not always the case. So I created the talk based on this idea.

Well, I gave the talk on October 8 and I posted the recording on YouTube.com. It was well-received and I had many people approach me after the service saying they wanted to walk their talk more often. I could feel their excitement as they told me they were willing to do more. I was thrilled and over the last two weeks I have had even more people come up to me to share their thoughts, ideas, and actions with me. The idea is catching on for sure! (Here is the link if you would like to hear the entire talk): “Be The Reminder” ~ Kathleen Kerswig, LUT

I realized this was an idea that could be shared with a large number of people and the results could have a ripple effect throughout our communities. You don’t have to do outrageous things in order to get on this bandwagon. All I’m suggesting is that we reach out to new people at church or we volunteer somewhere we’ve never been before. We can be the calm person waiting in line rather than the one who is tapping their foot, anxious to move forward. There are a ton of ways to express Peace, Love, Joy, and Compassion to the world. Yes, I said a ton! (Wink, wink)

Would you like to join in? Share in the comment section below and let us know what you are doing to be the reminder in the world. Nothing is too small or too big to share here. There are no judgments and no labels. You cannot do this wrong. Just show your family or your friends what Peace looks like in your words and in your actions. Be the reminder! And share how it is helping you too. My first blog entry was about this idea as well so here is the link if you missed it when I first launched this website and blog. I hope you enjoy it. BE the Reminder: It’s time!!!





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