How many of us have gone through changes in our lives? I’m guessing everyone has to some degree or another. Change is ultimately inevitable. We are having this human experience together and we all know that we start off as infants and we grow and age and mature until we move on to the next realm. The aging process alone is filled with changes. So, the question becomes, how do you approach change in your life? How do you cope?

I’ll tell you how I cope with change now – I welcome it! Based on my life experiences, I can tell you that I have always survived and in most cases I ended up better off in the long run. Here’s my challenge – when I am facing change in my life or if I need to make an important decision, I sometimes run into a roadblock. If I can’t immediately see a solution, I end up believing there must not be one!

Recently, I was faced with a HUGE decision and I couldn’t seem to get myself to make a choice. Finally, after some time in prayer and meditation, I realized what was going on within me. I was holding onto the belief that there were no answers to my problem and so I just could not make up my mind. I recognized that fear was in the way and fear was preventing me from becoming aware of the answer. So, I released the fear, visualizing a hot air balloon taking the fear away gently up to the sky. I made room for the answers to come. Once I released the fear, it was as if my heart was able to open up to receive more ideas. Finally, I was able to make the decision and move forward. Whew!

This recent experience has taught me a few things. It showed me that the answers are there, even when I don’t recognize them right away. I came to the realization that fear does not help me cope with life on life’s terms and I don’t need it to function. Trusting the Universe to guide me works much better. As I release the fear, I opened my heart to welcome the changes and the best answers for me in the moment. I can always change my mind. I can always make new decisions. Today I welcome change. Will you join me?




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