Blessings Everywhere!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I’ve decided to take a break from schoolwork to write this blog entry. I’m filled with gratitude for so many things and this is the perfect time to share some of it with you! I’m aware of blessings everywhere I turn and I’m amazed at what I’m seeing.

Recently, I shared on this blog that I’m getting ready to move to a new state, a new climate, and a new adventure for my career. At times, I can feel the fear welling up inside of me, knowing that there are so many unknowns in this scenario. However, as soon as I become aware of any fearful thoughts or feelings, I have been able to immediately stop, take a deep breath, and remember that this was my choice to make. In fact, this is the best choice for me right now and I can admit that I’m excited to see how it all unfolds.

This morning a friend reminded me that it is impossible to feel fear and gratitude at the same time. I like this reminder. It means I won’t be sitting in the fear for very long if I get my mind moving towards ideas of expressing gratitude. Thanksgiving reminds us of gratitude. For me, it is an action word. I want people to see my actions as a true expression of gratitude for life. This is my goal and one that I will continue to work on each and every day. Practice, practice, practice friends!

Regardless of circumstances, I have come to learn that there is a blessing in everything. Even when I perceive something as negative, I know in my heart that I will be learning something from the situation. I don’t have to always like what is happening but it is unreasonable for me to expect life to be positive 24/7. Instead I can learn to trust the process of life, knowing nothing stays the same, EVER!

I am learning to use gratitude as motivation. I can feel it deep within my being. I trust the Universe to show me the blessings in every life experience I have. But there is much room for improvement and I will continue to improve upon expressing gratitude in all that I do.

How about with you? Am I alone in feeling this way? Or can you relate to having a strong desire to live from a center of gratitude? Come on dear friends. I can’t be alone in this. Who’s willing to work on this with me?

Many blessings to you all and Happy Thanksgiving weekend!




  1. KK — I love this. I too am entering a place of change. I look at it as an adventure so I won’t be afraid. I hold the vision that what I am seeking, is seeking me. One of our professors said this statement and I open my heart and mind to trust the process. So much is falling into place but so much more is yet to be revealed. Trust the process. I am traveling this road with you. Stay. Move. It is all up in the air. I remain in trust. Now I bring in Joy. Joy and Adventure and Beautiful Souls in which to share this journey. Bon voyage!


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