Reminder of What?

Friends have asked me questions recently about the purpose of my website and my recent talks at Unity of Fort Myers. They want to know more about what we are supposedly reminding everyone about. Well, here is an explanation for those of you who are curious.

I originally came up with the idea to create a talk (which then evolved into creating a website) about being the reminder of our true, divine nature. I have often needed to be reminded that I am not just a human being having a human experience. Life can get tough and I sometimes need to be reminded of my truth because it gets lost in the chaos at times.

I believe that everyone is a spiritual being having a human experience. But, because we are having this human experience, we must deal with human reactions and responses every day. That’s where the reminders come in. Have you ever looked on Facebook or Twitter to suddenly see a quote or a phrase reminding you of a universal truth? Or picked up a book and opened to the perfect page that reminds the reader of what is really important in life. Sometimes a song can trigger a nerve within us and we are suddenly reminded of the big picture of the Universe.

These reminders help tremendously but with everything appearing to be so discombobulated in the world right now, it seems like it is not enough to sit back and be reminded of our divine nature every so often. It is time to step up and be the reminder! So, I created a Sunday lesson with that title, “Be the Reminder”. I encouraged people to volunteer more, introduce themselves to new people at church, or change where they sit in the sanctuary in order to experience a new perspective on a Sunday morning. It was a good talk, if I do say so myself, and I am still receiving feedback from friends who continue to do one or more of these things each week.

I have created my next talk on this topic and I’m calling it “We Are the Reminder”. I’ve used this title because I no longer need to ask people to consider being a reminder to others. They’re already doing it! It’s a blessing and a joy to see ideas take hold and blossom into such a beautiful picture of what Divine Love looks like in any group of people.

As for this blog entry, think about what is going on in your life. What are you reminding people of these days? Would you like to remind them more about their divinity and less about their humanness? Go for it! Step out into the world, know that you are divine in nature, and remind others with your words as well as your actions. My friends, we are the reminder, always! Let’s keep up the good work! Please feel free to leave your comments below and share with others just how you are the reminder in our world today. We’re in this together!




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