I have been experiencing life from a brand new perspective these days. I am preparing to move 1600 miles away from where I have been for the last 28 years. The emotions I have felt over the last few weeks have been powerful but I am now at a place where the excitement of new opportunities is the emotion that has taken over!

I am beginning to imagine what my life will look like once I arrive in the New England area. I am imagining different job scenarios. I am envisioning where I might live. I am thinking about what I truly want to take with me (there is only so much room in my vehicle). And, I am affirming that the right and perfect people will see my skills and choose to hire me as their next spiritual leader.

Lofty goals? Not really, in my opinion. I have begun to realize that I am capable of grasping new ideas every minute (or even every second) of every day. So, why not imagine it all and then pick and choose exactly what appeals to me the most.

The possibilities are endless and that’s because I have chosen to tap into a Power within me that guides my every step. It doesn’t matter what we call this Power. We can call it God, Divine Intelligence or Mind, Spirit, the Universe, Source…the list goes on and on. The most important factor is tapping into that Power and allowing it to lead us gently but firmly towards our highest and best. The more I do this, the more I reap the rewards.

Time is quickly passing by and I want to share this journey with you, my friends. I have decided I am going to do my best to take you through the final 40 days of my preparation, each step of the way. Stay tuned for additional blog entries which will outline my experiences, and allow me to share my feelings in this forum. I’m hoping you’ll be able to relate to some of it and enjoy watching my progress during this exhilarating time in my life.

Many blessings!




  1. I think in this time of our life more or less we are in the same kind of path. All we have to take a decision of where, what and more important why we want to be.
    For some of us will be an easy journey for others maybe not so easy. But is so important to do the first step. And you did. More than proud I am, I am bless and inspire by you courage, your faith, and your will. And what I am most enjoying is the way you are loving and respecting your self and your nature. Thank you & many blessing

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