KK Countdown: 39 days til The Move!

I feel like I’ve been working on overdrive for days now. Extra work on the job due to advertising for my replacement. Packing possessions to take with me on the move. Releasing as many possessions as I can…because there just isn’t enough room in the car! LOL! The list goes on…

The funny thing is I am feeling alive and exhilarated by this process even though it is so much work. How can that be? I have a theory. I believe this move is the next right thing for my journey. When I make choices that are exactly what I need to do in order to move forward with my life, it often feels like it goes along smoothly, with ease almost. Don’t get me wrong…it’s a ton of work to move. Yet, my inner spirit feels at ease with all of this outer activity going on. That’s probably the best evidence I could find to help me remember this is leading me to even more blessings.

Stay tuned, friends, for my next blog entry tomorrow. I think I’m going to enjoy this part of the project the most!




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