Countdown (37 days) Within the Countdown!

I’m in the midst of blogging on a daily basis for 40 days. This is my fourth day in a row of sitting down each morning to record feelings, emotions, and any ‘aha’ moments in preparing to move. Today I have decided to share about the countdown within the countdown.

Those of you following this blog know that I am moving 1600 miles away in 37 days. However, there are some other milestones that are coming up before I actually leave the state of Florida. For instance, my last day at work is in 32 days. And, there are four weekends left between now and then so that means I only have 23 work days left. Eek!

My furniture, which is being donated to a wonderful giveaway event, is being picked up in 27 days! That’s less than four weeks away, friends! Double eek! My question is this – how did this happen? One day, several months ago, I was planning a move to be closer to family. It seemed like it was so far into the future. But now, the time has come! It seems so sudden! LOL!

In all honesty, I fluctuate between astonishment that the move date is almost here and bewilderment at how everything is going to get done. Yet, when I look at my planning schedule, everything is falling into place perfectly. I think the lesson here is for me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in the midst of the appearance of chaos. In actuality, all is in harmony and every task will get done.

Whew! I feel better just having written this here. Today I affirm all is well, in Divine Order, and unfolding just as it should for everyone’s highest good. Thanks for reading this, my friends. You are my loving support and foundation to continue moving forward.




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