KK Countdown: 36 days!

Today there are 36 days left until I hit the road and begin the drive to New England. I am learning so many lessons that I don’t even know where to begin in order to share them with you. It is a journey in self-awareness.

I’ve noticed that the daily readings from my inspirational books tend to match up in synchronicity now. I choose two or three different daily meditation books each year; maybe this is the year to give me double the dose of reminders regarding Love, Peace, Joy, etc. Hmm…maybe the Universe is on my side!

The thing is, I need to be living in the now, present to each moment, if I’m going to notice synchronicity in my life. So, the good news is, I must be doing that. I sometimes feel like I’m moving so quickly and doing so many things every day that I may be out of alignment with living in the present moment. Apparently, the busyness of each day is not interfering with me living from the “Now”. That makes me happy and grateful.

I can honestly say I was not expecting to become more self-aware during this experience. It wasn’t a priority for sure. Yet, it’s happening anyway. It is a beautiful by-product of completing the tasks that are mine to get done in order to be ready to leave Florida on Monday, March 5. I’m loving this process right now. I will miss my dear friends, but these lessons that go along with the experience are priceless!

Tune in tomorrow for my next update friends! Namaste.





  1. Awareness is the key, isn’t it? We have all the answers within us. We only need the key to unlock our level of awareness. Thank God I listened to that whisper of awareness the day I met you. You are on yet another exciting journey and even though we will be miles apart,
    I am with you every step of the way. I believe in you.
    Brenda R

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