KK Countdown: 34 days to enjoy!

Yesterday I wrote about the challenges I felt with my upcoming move. I was feeling anger and anxiety throughout the past couple of days and it felt uncomfortable. Today, I’m in a completely different space…yet again! Haha! I love this life.

The emotional roller-coaster ride has been exciting and, at times, invigorating. I’m beginning to realize that as soon as I acknowledge the intense emotions, they immediately begin to dissipate. In fact, the only time they truly last is when I’m trying to pretend they aren’t there.

So, my game plan moving forward is to be gentle with myself, acknowledge the feelings as they arise (without choosing to feel guilt), and continue to check off the list of items I have on my to-do list. I’ve got this…and I have my friends to thank for understanding when I might be showing up looking a little more stressed than expected. Just remind me to exhale…that usually does the trick! LOL!

Until tomorrow friends…





  1. Peace be still … All is well … works for me.
    Our loving thoughts and prayers are with you as you peacefully and easily make the transition to your new Spiritual home and these northern climes. May peace of mind, strength of body, and belief in Spirit be yours today and every day. Remember that you are guided, protected, and deeply loved by Spirit.
    Jo-Ellen 💖🌞🌞🌞💖

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