KK Countdown: 32 days & still counting!

The next phase of this journey is now beginning – spending time with as many friends as possible before I leave my job in 4 weeks and then my home 5 days after that. I believe this is a recipe for tears, laughter, and gratitude…not necessarily in that order.

I’m happy to report I feel ready to do this. I’m grateful I have the time to get together with friends and share some loving interactions with them before I leave Florida. I’m looking forward to remembering our experiences together. A few tears may be shed, but that is just gratitude pouring out in physical form.

I had breakfast with a dear friend yesterday morning and it was delightful. The conversation was filled with meaning and laughter and sincerity. Who could ask for more than that?

I’m choosing to keep these truths in my conscious mind throughout the next few weeks. I refuse to get caught up in drama or chaos or fear. Instead, I choose to see this through the eyes of love, understanding, and appreciation. May I start today by saying “Thank You Friends!” for your loving support. I can’t imagine going through this without you.

See you all tomorrow! Namaste.






  1. And Gratitude RETURNS to You Dear, My vision is of PITCHERS full of Gratitude for all that You are. See the vessels on Your daily table and know one or more are from me.

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