KK Countdown: 31 days

One of the interesting side-effects of this moving process is about living in the moment. I find myself being more present to each encounter I have within a day. If I do become distracted, I’ve been owning up to it almost immediately. Hmm…

I didn’t expect this at all. It’s a nice surprise though . Living life when fully present in each moment has often been my goal but I didn’t think it would be happening while I’m in the midst of so many other things occurring simultaneously. Who knew? LOL!

I’m at a point now where the days are moving much faster than I imagined. My furniture will be picked up and donated to a giveaway event in three weeks. That’s right around the corner! I looked at my calendar at work yesterday and realized I’m facing my last month of working as an office administrator in Florida. The reality is striking my awareness hourly and at times I have difficulty breathing in those moments of awareness.

But, I know what to do when that happens. I pause, I breathe, and I affirm I am at peace. I’m confident in this decision to move. I will miss all of my Florida friends dearly but I will also be making many new friends wherever I end up. Pause, breathe, affirm…pause, breathe, affirm. For anyone out there who is facing a challenge, try this technique. It might help. It has worked for me and brings me back to the present moment almost instantaneously.

As I prepare to move forward into today, I am affirming Divine Order in my life and I am sending Love and Peace to everyone. Have a fantabulous day, friends!




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