KK Countdown: 30 days of Blessings


Yesterday I found out about a plan for my final month at work. They can be a sneaky bunch of people sometimes. But the most loving group of sneaky people I have ever met!

I received a few gifts, including a beautiful rose, from my dear friend, Christina, on Thursday. I felt so much love and appreciation. It’s always nice to look up from work and see a pretty flower on my desk. I was smiling that whole day.

Then, it happened. Yesterday afternoon, another dear friend, Deb, showed up with a gift bag and told me she was there to gift me with my February 2 blessing! Then, I realized what was happening. These dear people are thinking of me and wanting to make sure that I feel as much love as possible throughout the month of February before I leave the state to move up north.

I was blown away by this thoughtfulness. I am overflowing with love for these Unity of Fort Myers angels. I will miss everyone there for a multitude of reasons, one of which is this demonstration that keeps showing up in so many ways.

There are 30 days to go before I get in my car and begin the drive to Connecticut. I’m excited for new beginnings. I’m tired from all of the extra work of packing up and releasing possessions. I’m sad that I’m leaving so many friends. I’m looking forward to meeting many new people in the New England area. It’s a roller-coaster ride, my friends. I’m glad I’m sharing it all with you, the readers of this blog, who always support and uplift me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!




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