KK Countdown: 27 Days

Progress, progress, progress! It feels good to see the progress I’ve been making in releasing my possessions. There’s much to be done but I can now see the physical space clearing out. Shelves and cabinets are being emptied. Boxes are leaving the apartment…they are no longer blocking my way. This is really happening!

My last day of work is three weeks from tomorrow which adds a dimension to this endeavor. I’m training the bookkeeper now and I’ll be training the office administrator soon. Even there, I’m in the mode of clean up and clear out as much as possible in order to make it easier on the new employees.

I thought I would feel less than enthusiastic about these duties but that’s not the case. I’m feeling uplifted as I accomplish more and more each day. I’ve said this before but I’m going to repeat it because it’s working: the more I slow down, the more I get done. If I rush, I make mistakes and I feel jittery with nerves. When I slow down and take deliberate actions in a calm and peaceful manner, I make less mistakes and I, therefore, allow myself to take additional items off of my to-do list. This has been a most valuable lesson for me and I’m grateful beyond measure to have this awareness now.

So, I will keep doing what works for me. I will focus on the priorities as they arise. For instance, these next two nights will be devoted to homework. Assignments are due and I don’t want to fall behind. Although my plate is full, it will all get done. Thanks for your loving support dear friends. You always make my day!

Tune in tomorrow…I can’t wait to see what I have say! Hehe!




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