KK Countdown: 25 More Days in FL

Last week, I told you about a beautifully planned surprise I found out about at work – I was going to receive a blessing each day for the month of February. I have to tell you it has been so much fun and the gestures are greatly appreciated. It’s a unique idea (to me anyway) and I’m going to remember it and use it for friends in the future.

I’ve gotten flowers, little trinkets (remember, I can’t fit much more into my car for the move), and magnificent lunches. I even got to sleep in yesterday and go into work at 11 am instead of 9! I was able to get some extra rest AND complete some homework assignments. Who could ask for more??!!

This particular portion of my final days in Florid is about much more than receiving gifts. These lovely friends at Unity of Fort Myers want me to know how much they appreciate my efforts over the last 4+ years. Well, I want them to know that their love, support, and encouragement have helped me to become the person I am today. I wouldn’t be here, with new opportunities coming my way, without them. There is a loving bond that cannot be broken. We are connected, in our hearts, forever.

The days are swiftly passing by. Being able to write these daily blog entries is helping me to preserve memories that are priceless. Thanks for reading this today. Hope to see you again tomorrow. Many blessings!

In Love and Light,




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