KK Countdown: 23 Days

I’m beginning to feel it deep within me…the underlying emotions that go with moving to a new home. In my case, my new home location is still unknown. I know the general vicinity of where I would like to live, but there is still uncertainty regarding where I will be working. Therefore, decisions cannot be finalized until job question is resolved. It’s unsettling at times.

I have faith, deep faith, that everything is unfolding with perfect timing. I have chosen to trust the process. I am living in the present moment as much as possible and, when I appear to get off track, I gently remind myself to re-focus on the task in front of me. These techniques seem to be working, because I’m getting things done! This realization just now, as I’m writing this, has put a big smile on my face.

The daunting task of moving 1600 miles away is BIG! There are so many decisions to make throughout the undertaking, and, at times, I feel weighted down when I acknowledge the variables that are still at play. However, I will not allow this to stop my forward progression.  Everything will iron itself out in the end. Of this I am quite sure.

My plan for this weekend is to empty ALL shelves and drawers, boxing things up for donation or shipping. By tomorrow night, I hope to have all of my furniture emptied and ready to be picked up (even though that pick-up date is 13 days away). Why so early? Because I have school assignments to complete, a Sunday lesson to prepare, and other work obligations to manage as well. It may appear to be a juggling act, but I now declare that my plan is working! All is well. And so it is. Amen!

Many blessings to everyone reading this today! Enjoy your weekend, no matter where your weekend tasks may take you!

In Love and Light,




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