KK Countdown: 22 Days

I took myself out on a date last night! I went to the movies, courtesy of one of my Unity of Fort Myers angels. I’m a delightful date! I really enjoyed myself. And, this break was much needed. It came at the perfect time.


I chosen Saturdays as my “off” day, but not in the literal sense of not working at all. Saturday is the day I get to do any projects on my list, in any order, based on my enthusiasm for the project rather than a deadline. I have classes (online) every Thursday and Friday evening this semester, so Saturday is the perfect day to do whatever I am drawn to do, allowing my inner guidance to lead the way.

Yesterday was a perfect example of how this works. I was able to get six more boxes packed to ship up north this week. I got a few household chores completed. I went to a friend’s memorial service (it was beautiful). I visited with another friend at a coffee shop after that. And then, I went to the movies. There was a time in my life when I would not have taken that respite. I would have plowed through the “work” and I wouldn’t have considered taking any time off to relax. However, I ended up with more energy as a result of doing just that. It actually turned out to be a valuable tool of motivation for me.

For the record, here’s my suggestion: based on this experience, always take a little bit of time to do something you enjoy in between the many tasks you have in front of you to do. It will make a difference and you’ll have more energy. If it worked for me, it will probably work for many of you too. Until tomorrow…


In Love and Light,


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