KK Countdown: 20 Days to Liftoff :)

I am relaxed. I am peaceful. I am joyful. These are not just affirmations for the day; these statements describe exactly how I feel, in this moment, here and now. I’m surprisingly shocked to be feeling this way, knowing how much I must get done in less than three weeks. What’s happening to me??!! LOL!

Here’s my theory: I believe I’m moving forward with plans that are aligned with Divine Intelligence. I believe I’m doing the next right thing each day, making progress, and not questioning the decision I have made to move closer to my family. This feeling of contentment is not something I have often felt in previous years. I used to be the one who questioned every decision, second-guessed myself at every turn, and generally walked around doubting and worrying.

This time things are different…because I’m different. There is a deep feeling of trust within me that knows all is well and all will continue to be well as I complete the moving process. While it’s hard work to move, especially so far away, it’s also allowing me to review and release that which no longer serves me. I’m taking very little with me because I realize I don’t need much to live life to the fullest. This has been the greatest lesson for me so far.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog…who knows what I’m going to say next! Hehe!

In Love and Light,




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