KK Countdown: 19 Days!

As each day goes by, it feels as if this is getting more and more…REAL!!! Here is where I am at right now. My furniture is getting picked up in 9 days (single digits folks!). My last day at work is two weeks from today. This move appears to be right around the corner…WOW!

Throughout these last three weeks, I’ve been sharing my thoughts with you here, telling you what I’m feeling and how I’m processing it all. In turn, many of my friends have given me support and encouraged me when I needed it most. All in all, this has been an awakening experience for me. The insight that can come from sharing in such a public way is priceless. I almost talked myself out of this…but I’m thankful that I went ahead and started this blogging project. It’s definitely been worth way more than I thought it would be.

I have school assignments due today. I’m happily preparing the lesson for this coming Sunday (10 am at Unity of Fort Myers). And, I’m blessed to be preparing a talk and a workshop for March 18 when I will be sharing at Unity of Central Massachusetts. I cannot wait to meet everyone there and share from the heart. As you can see, I’m more than busy. There is always something else that needs to get done…but I’m doing it all with a grateful and peaceful heart.

Have a magnificent day. Be present in each moment. Know that you are loved, special, and important…to me and to many others in your life. Namaste.

In Love and Light,




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