KK Countdown: 17 Days

The furniture is getting picked up one week from today. Two boxes arrived in Connecticut yesterday, completely empty! I’m beginning to feel more uncomfortable with each passing day.

I promised myself that I would be honest in these blog posts. I didn’t start this project in order to limit my sharing to only those aspects that are perfect and complete. There is no point in doing that, in my opinion. I’m recording the experience as is, so, right now, it’s not so pretty.

There are some spiritual tools I can use to walk through this and I’m choosing to use them right now. I can stop, pause, and breathe…in AND out. I can use denials and affirmations to remember the Truth of my being. I will not give power to the feelings of discomfort. I will affirm that all is falling into place for me, even when I don’t see it in the outer world yet.

As I was becoming aware of my state of mind this morning, here is what I read from “365 Science of Mind”: “We have roots in the Mind of God. Our personality, our individuality, everything we are and do that the world sees is really a result, in effect, of our continually drawing on the Infinite.” And, just like that, I felt the “ickyness” disappear, I began to breathe fully again, and I became more determined to do the next thing on my list (which was write this blog entry).

Today I will focus on consciously drawing on the Infinite, on Divine Intelligence. This is all I need to do. The results will work themselves out for the Highest Good. I don’t have to look for specific outcomes. I am being led and cared for each and every day.

Thank you for allowing me to share my reality with you, one day at a time. Some days feel better than others, but they are all a gift. You, the reader, are a gift to me as well. Many blessings for a beautiful day ahead.


In Love and Light,




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