KK Countdown: 16 Days Left in FL

Today is the day I make the rounds and visit with a bunch of friends before I leave for New England. I’m expecting to shed a few tears and laugh a lot! It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be special, and it’s going to be emotional…ALL AT ONCE!!!

I’m going to keep this blog post brief because I have to get ready for this big day/weekend. I have a gathering to attend from 10 to noon and another one from 2 to 4pm. And, I’m leading the Sunday Service tomorrow at Unity of Fort Myers at 10am. There is much to do preparation-wise and there is much to do around the house, as I continue to sort, organize, release, and pack.

With this schedule, I truly don’t have time to allow any negativity to seep into my consciousness. Instead, I’m choosing to soak up all of the love from my friends and continue to take the actions I need to take so I can be ready to leave on March 5th. I can do it… I will do it…I am doing it! Thanks for your loving encouragement and support dear readers. You’re the best!

In Love and Light,




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