KK Countdown: 15 Days!!!

Today was the BIG day. I spoke at Unity of Fort Myers this morning, leading the service for the last time before my move. I had so many ideas floating in my head for weeks about this day. I’m happy to say it all came together and the service went exactly as I envisioned it to be. I called the lesson “Forever Connected”.

Yesterday turned out to be a big day for me as well. I spent time with two groups of friends and we celebrated our friendships with so much love that I needed to take a nap when I got home! It wasn’t just about receiving thoughtful gifts and cards from friends (small gifts – remember, there is no room left in the car). It was more about receiving so many expressions of love from so many people. It was amazing!

For today’s service, I was able to sing a couple of lines from one of my favorite songs (sorry friends, that did not get recorded), I talked about Oneness, and I talked about our unbreakable connection that never goes away, regardless of time or distance. I owe my life to the congregation at Unity of Fort Myers. And I was able to tell them that today.

We even had some fun at the end…I wore my red wig, made a big entrance with our three other Licensed Unity Teachers, and surprised them with my tribute to them for their support and encouragement throughout my amazing journey in Florida over the last 8+ years. I got to go out in a way that allowed me to share love with EVERYONE! I’m so thankful I allowed my creativity to come through and I found a way to express it all with love, a few tears, and some laughter too.

Thanks for reading this friends. See you tomorrow to begin documenting my final two weeks in Florida…EEK! LOL!

Many blessings!

In Love and Light,




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