KK Countdown: 2 Weeks To Go!

Well, this is it, friends. Two weeks to go before I hit the road. It seems like I just made this decision a few weeks ago. But, instead, the truth is I made this decision in October and the time is drawing near to begin a new adventure. All I can say, still, is WOW!

My last day of work is a week from Wednesday. This means that for the next week and three days, I will be focused on training two people to take over my responsibilities. This may be misleading, so let me clarify…the reason there are two people taking over is because the office administrator will be taking on MORE responsibilities. Hence, the need for a second person (part-time) to do the bookkeeping portion of the job.

It’s working out nicely. The two women are incredible souls, loving, and super intelligent! Unity of Fort Myers is blessed to have them on board. As I mentioned yesterday at the Sunday service, I will miss everyone tremendously, but I’m grateful that we have such beautiful people to carry on. And, of course, everyone will be in my heart because we are forever connected.

It’s time to get ready to begin my work week. Blessings to you all! Have a beautiful day and I’ll see what I come up with tomorrow for this blog. (P.S. – I’m having so much fun doing this.)



In Love and Light,




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