KK Countdown: 13 Days Left

Whew, what a day it has been! It’s almost 8:30 pm and I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and write today’s blog. Better late than never, I guess!

I have to say that being as busy as I have been has been extremely helpful. I don’t have the time to stop to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have the time to sit in fear for any significant length of time. I have too many deadlines in front of me – and I’m grateful for that!

My furniture is getting picked up on Friday, around noon. It is now Tuesday evening…Friday isn’t that far away. I was able to empty all of the furniture over the weekend so there won’t be much to do before the movers arrive to take it away. Then I will be ‘camping’ for the next 10 days.

In my world, ‘camping’ means sleeping on a mattress and box spring that is on the floor, using a lawn chair with a folding table to use my computer, and moving a tall lamp from the living room to the bedroom so I can see in those rooms at night. I almost forgot to keep one of the lamps, but I remembered before it was too late. Another “Whew!” for me. Hehe!

Now, friends, it’s time for me to get some homework done for my classes. I think you can see just how keeping busy is allowing me to focus on things other than worry and doubt. I’m glad I’m working, I’m in school, and I’m preparing for this BIG move…I’ve learned that I can be pretty organized in the middle of what appears to be chaos and significant change. I’m thankful for the lessons.

Talk to you tomorrow!

In Love and Light,




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