KK Countdown: Furniture p/u tomorrow!

There are 11 days left before I hit the road and begin driving to Connecticut for my new adventure. Sitting here this morning, in my dining room, typing away on my laptop, I’m overwhelmed with the realization that I will not be sitting at this table tomorrow evening. All of my furniture is getting picked up at noon and I’m sure it’s going to be mighty weird coming into the apartment tomorrow night!

This countdown has helped me process my feelings in a healthy and quicker way than I ever have in the past. I’m usually the one who stuffs emotions and keeps on going until, suddenly, one day, I collapse into a bundle of emotions that come spewing forth all at once. Can anyone else relate to that? Wink, wink!

I anticipate the days will continue to move quickly because I am moving quickly. I also anticipate that I will have some sort of emotional response tomorrow when I actually see that most of the furniture is gone. The good news is I’m not afraid, worried, or concerned about what I might feel. I trust my inner guidance and I trust that I can handle this. I am confident in this decision to move. I am excited to be closer to my family. And, I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and spending time together to learn more about each other.

All is well…I am Love…All is well…I am Peace…All is well…I am Joy. Who could ask for more?

Blessings friends!


In Love and Light,




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