KK Countdown: 8 days to go

I changed my schedule this weekend; I added an additional 5-hour workshop onto my list for yesterday. I was concerned that I would be taking too much time for the workshop when I should have been home, taking care of the move and completing my homework assignments. Instead, I remained present in the moment, learned  many new things, and still got errands completed later in the day. Hmm…everything may get done after all!

I bring this up because it is unusual for me to be so flexible. My friend suggested I attend the workshop and my initial reaction was absolutely NO! I was entirely too busy to fit that in. But later on, I realized she had a point and I decided to shift things around. This is a good lesson for me to use in many areas of my life. I’m sometimes too rigid for my own good. LOL! It’s helpful and beneficial to lighten up more often and see what life has to offer.

The days are quickly passing by and I’m thinking about so much every hour that my head sometimes feels like it’s spinning. I wouldn’t trade this for the world, though. It’s invigorating to be experiencing this process. I have dear friends who are holding me in prayer, affirming that I walk through this with ease and grace. This is a beautiful support system I have and will continue to have after my move, when I meet more people and create new friendships. Thanks for reading, friends!


In Love and Light,




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