Today is the first day of my busy 4-day weekend. These 4 days are all about catching up with schoolwork, clearing out cabinets and closets, and packing up those possessions that I simply cannot live without. I’m looking forward to Monday when I can get on the road and just drive…and drive…and drive! Hehe!

I’m excited about making progress in emptying the apartment although it feels like I have way too much to do. Here’s what I know: I have all the time I need to get this done. I’m not required to leave at a particular time on Monday…I can leave when I’m ready and not a moment before. I have dear friends who are going to help me that morning with clearing out the final items, (mattress, box-spring, etc). It is all do-able!

At times, I find myself thinking that this can’t possibly be happening already. At other times, I’m anxious to get on the road. It’s been quite a ride of emotions throughout these last few weeks but the severity of the emotions has evened out nicely. I’m going with the flow more now and it feels good; it feels right.

I want to thank all of you who have been reading these updates. Your feedback encourages me every day. I love you, I bless you, I appreciate you…don’t ever forget that! See you here tomorrow!

In Love and Light,




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