Today I am focusing on clearing out more possessions and packing those items I want to bring with me on my trip. I have to be honest…I’m pretty sure the car is going to be PACKED! LOL!

This whole process has helped me learn so much about me – how I think, how I operate, how I make decisions. I know there is value in self-awareness but I didn’t expect to have such a powerful experience in learning more about how I do life on life’s terms. It’s kind of mind-blowing actually.

There is an underlying sense within me, however, of time running out. When this feeling creeps into my consciousness, I’ve learned to take a deep breath and affirm that I have all the time I need to complete every task. I give no power to feelings of dread or apprehension. I affirm my ability to handle this move and all that comes with it. And so it is…Amen.

I ‘m thankful for these lessons, these awakenings, these eye-opening experiences. I’m thankful for my willingness to move forward. Most of all, I’m thankful for the people in my life who have been the greatest cheerleaders in the world. I wouldn’t be enjoying this nearly as much if they weren’t encouraging me each step of the way. I love you, friends!

In Love and Light,





  1. I called the office this morning to say…”See ya later, Alligator”… bet your a busy gal getting ready to hit the road….many Blessings to you KK…and prayers for Shannon….Love and light….Karon & David

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  2. Thanks for those lines about to be aware and learn how you make decisions, operate and think in life. Is very interesting.
    And in my own experience on that keep me. Alert of my own pattern.
    Holding space of love and faith for you and your family
    .love u

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