KK Countdown: TWO DAYS LEFT!

Well, it’s almost here…the day I leave the state of Florida to move back up north. I cannot believe it’s time to pack things up and load the car. A new adventure awaits…or does it?

I want to share something with you about beginning this new adventure. A new interpretation came to me in the last few days and I can’t seem to shake it. Many people have congratulated me on the new adventure that is about to start in two days. After meditation a couple of days ago, it became clear to me that the adventure has already started. This time of preparation is just as much a part of the adventure as the actual driving and moving will be. Hmm…

This idea has actually been on my heart for several weeks now. It actually started when I was listening to a meditation song a few weeks ago during a Sunday service. We were singing a song and the following line caught my attention: “We are on a journey to the promised land” (Susie Hulcher, Unity of Fort Myers). As I was meditating, I had the realization that we are already at the promised land. Maybe we’re not going to but have already arrived…in our consciousness, perhaps?

This concept has stuck with me for weeks now and I realized this week that the same principle applies to the idea of “beginning” a new adventure. Everything I’m experiencing now is part of living out the adventure, right? So it’s not something that begins on Monday…it’s an adventure and a journey that continues every day, throughout my life.

This new insight has helped me to realize I want to continue writing every morning, even after the countdown ends. I’ve received a multitude of blessings from this endeavor and I’m happy to say I don’t want to stop. So, stay tuned friends. You’ll be able to find out what I’m up to any time you decide to check out my blog. I love you all!

Many blessings!

In Love and Light,




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