KK Countdown: I’m leaving tomorrow!

Today is the day I release more stuff…more than I’ve ever released before. It’s bringing up strange feelings this morning. So much has happened here…in Florida…and now I’m preparing to leave and go to an entirely new location. I’m not sure I can describe exactly what I’m feeling right now but it feels somewhat like a combination between zealous anticipation and extreme anxiety…what a mix!

I know what to do with the anxiety. I know I can breathe through it…in AND out…and it will dissipate. Knowing this is not enough however. I must take the action or the knowledge does me no good. In fact, I’m breathing deeply right now, as I type this entry. And, it’s working. I feel better already. Try it sometime. I’ll bet it will help you too.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has encouraged me along the way. I mean EVERYONE, not just those I’ve surrounded myself with in Florida. Each person I’ve ever encountered has helped me to learn, to grow, and to blossom into the woman I am now.

I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my life. I’m looking forward to clearing out the rest of the releasable possessions by tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to packing up the car after that. And, I’m looking forward to the three-day drive to CT. It’s going to be a relaxing trip (I actually love to drive) and I’m going to hit the ground running once I arrive.

Stay tuned for more updates…and enjoy the day!


Many blessings!

In Love and Light,





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