Snow flurries…are you kidding me? ~ KK

I got on the road this morning at 5:35 am and finally stopped in Carlisle, PA around 6 pm. It actually started to snow around 4:30 pm. I couldn’t believe I was driving in snow when, just yesterday, I was in Florida, enjoying 80 degree weather (at 9 am). This is surreal.

The good news is I am in another very nice hotel room. I had a delicious dinner from a local restaurant. And, I’m going to be able to get to bed early. The unknowns are as follows:

  • Time of departure tomorrow: The snow is expected to start here around midnight. At my destination point, the snow is expected to stop tomorrow night or the next morning. Who knows when I will leave? I’m open to all possibilities
  • Time/day of arrival: Since this is so unpredictable, I may just end up staying one more night and arrive in CT on Thursday. Who knows? I’m open to all possibilities. (I’m sensing a theme here.)

This is what I do know: I am safe, I am comfortable, and I feel great. I’ll get to my destination eventually, right? And, I wasn’t frightened when I saw those snow flurries start to fall from the sky. I GOT THIS! Hehe!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update, friends. Who knows what I’ll be writing about then! I’m open to all possibilities!




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