KK HAS ARRIVED: Look out New England!

I made it! I am happy to report that I have driven over 1,480 miles and I am now relaxing in front of a fireplace, writing this blog post. I’m so excited to be in CT, even with the snowstorm greeting me with such zeal.

The emotions are running wild right now. I’m happy to be here but I have no idea what anything is going to look like right now. A little mystery in life is a good thing, right? Right!

I went through a few moments of fear last night as I was trying to decide when to leave for the final 5 hours of driving. The snow was expected to arrive last night and I was concerned that I might get stuck waiting for the storm to pass through. As it turned out, the storm was delayed, I hit the road very early (5:30 am), and I arrived around 11:30 am, long before the storm hit CT.

I was able to remain calm, listen to my intuition, and go with my inner guidance this morning. If I had not done this, I might still be waiting to hit the road. The lesson for me is to trust that inner guidance. Once I remembered that I could stop at any point, and once I remembered that I have access to an infinite supply of divine ideas, I knew all was going to be okay.

So, now I will settle in, focus on schoolwork, and get about the business of finding a place to work and a place to live. Exciting, isn’t it? Thanks for following my progress…stay tuned for more updates. I can’t stop now, can I?

Many blessings!

In Love and Light,



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