Adapting to a New Environment

How long does it usually take a person to adapt to a new environment? Trick question…everyone adapts at a different rate. I am happy to say I am adapting quickly to New England, especially since we got 16″ (YES, 16″) of snow yesterday…in March!

One week ago today, I arrived at my first destination – Norwich, CT. I have settled into my room, my suitcases are empty, and I’m following a routine to complete the last papers of the semester. I have two papers left to submit by Sunday at midnight. One is 12 pages and one is 18 to 20 pages! The great news is I’m moving right along with each paper and I’m sure I will be done in plenty of time, possibly even early.

Adaptability is powerful in circumstances like a move, such as the one I just made. I have learned it is in my best interest to remain open to ALL possibilities. Once I begin to establish rigid standards about how things ought to be, I run into more challenges than I care to deal with on any given day.

So, today I will remain adaptable. I am willing to remain open to all possibilities in all areas of my life. I embrace the idea that I can create a magnificent life experience wherever I may live, work, or play. Are you willing to join me? Let’s do this together. READY, SET, GO!

Blessings, friends!

In Love and Light,




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