Favorite time of year: March Madness

I absolutely love it when this time of year arrives: the beginning of the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball tournaments. I listen and/or watch as many games as possible, rooting for the underdog, and I love every minute of it. This year is a little bit different…I’m living in CT right now. There is snow on the ground and I’m focusing all of my attention on getting settled in while I complete several big school assignments that are all due on Sunday. What better way to spend these next few days than to do schoolwork and watch basketball?! I’m so excited!

While I’m filled with happy anticipation about all of this, I wanted to share a thought with you today from the Daily Word. It struck a chord within me and I thought I would share it with you too. Here it is:

“Right now is the time frame in which I live…Now is the time to be creative. Now is the time to explore and discover what I can do with talents and capabilities. Now is the time to use the divine power of my imagination.”

This is completely on target for me right now. How about you? I would guess that this applies to everyone. It’s fun to explore, discover, and imagine. Sometimes we can get some CRAZY ideas from doing this. And sometimes those crazy ideas take us to a whole new dimension of living.

So, who’s ready to do this with me? I am living in the now, ready for anything. Come join me!


In Love and Light,



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