Wow, It’s Cold!

I have to share a story with you from yesterday. I was laughing at myself as soon as I realized what was happening. It has to do with living in the north and coping with weather. Such a challenge!

Yesterday I decided to venture out, explore the town a bit, and run some errands. I was wearing my winter coat (which isn’t nearly long enough) and my new waterproof boots. I was set…or so I thought. I got to the grocery store and called my friend to see if she needed me to bring anything back to the house. As I was on the phone with her, I needed to stand outside the store because the signal would get lost inside and the call would be dropped.

The wind was crazy strong! I was shivering like never before. (That might be an exaggeration – I have lived in the north before.) I couldn’t wait to end the conversation so I could get inside to warm up, at least a little bit.

Once I finished paying for the groceries, I headed to my car, determined to check out the temperature to see how much I was suffering in this frozen tundra land. Much to my dismay, I found out it was 40 degrees…what??!! I thought for sure it was 15 or 20 degrees! How could this have happened? How did I get so weak? I just started laughing, out loud, in the car, all by myself. Only me…I’m going to have to toughen up or I’ll never last up here. LOL!

Remembering yesterday’s experience still makes me smile brightly. I crack myself up sometimes. It’s March 17 (Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all) and the snow cannot last FOREVER. Eventually, it will warm up and I will adapt to my surroundings. In the meantime, I’m staying inside for today in order to finish up a research paper that is due tomorrow night. I’ve got this!

Have a fantabulous weekend, friends!







  1. Lol! That reminds me of a time that we went on a Christmas boat tour around the canals of Punta Gorda to look at holiday decorations. We had on jackets with hoods up, mittens, etc. We were FREEZING!! As soon as we got back, we got coffee & hot chocolate and jumped in the car & cranked up the heat. That’s when we noticed that the temperature was 56 degrees. We still laugh about that!!

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