I waited until this afternoon to post today’s blog for a reason. Today was the day I met a whole new group of friends. I spoke at Unity of Central Massachusetts today and facilitated a workshop about facing change with more confidence and a greater sense of strength. It was a Spectacular Sunday!

I’m living in New England now and I don’t know many people in the area yet, although that is rapidly changing. The people today were loving and welcoming. They were fully engaged while I was sharing my talk with them. They eagerly nodded their heads when they related to something I shared during the lesson. And, those who stayed for the workshop, made my day. There is such wisdom in a group like this and it feels magnificent to hear people share straight from the heart.

I feel WONDERFUL! I’m looking forward to being there next Sunday and seeing everyone again. I’ll be in the audience this time, soaking it all in…the service, the meditation, and the workshop too! I hear the workshop is going to be about Harry Potter…I can’t wait!

I’m not going to lie. I was nervous to be speaking in front of a new group of people. But I should have known that we are already family. Their loving welcome was just what I needed to get motivated to pursue more of my dreams. Thank you Unity of Central Massachusetts. YOU ROCK!

Many blessings!




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