Total Acceptance

One of the hardest lessons I have learned so far is to accept myself just the way I am. This morning I read an affirmation that made me think about this lesson from years ago:

“I will love all of me today. Even the not-so-perfect parts.” ~ In God’s Care, March 24, 2018

I must admit it was extremely difficult for me to learn to love myself. I decided, a long time ago, that I needed to be perfect before I was worthy of love. I used to blame other people for this decision. But they really didn’t have anything to do with it.

Part of the lesson, for me, was to realize that I was making decisions for myself, even if I was using other people’s opinions to influence my own. I now take full responsibility for my decisions. I have come to believe that I’m actually a spiritual being having a human experience. So it is ‘okay’ for me to accept my human self. I embrace my humanity today.

I believe Divinity exists within me…within everyone. I can allow Divine Spirit within me to guide me. In fact, since I learned to allow the guidance in the little things as much as the big things, I have had an extra spring in my step. I enjoy life’s day-to-day activities much more now. This one lesson about acceptance lead me to a ton of more lessons. The difference now is that I look forward to learning more about me and about life overall. I am no longer simply existing…I am living OUT LOUD!

Total acceptance can lead to many good things. If you are struggling with accepting yourself just as you are, please know I am holding you in the Light. You are enough…you are worthy…and you don’t need to be perfect. Namaste, friends.






  1. Sounds great !
    Acceptance is the major thing that I learnt recently. If we accept everything as they are whether it is people, situation, or surroundings, we can lead a peaceful life.

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  2. It is just a great post. Absolutely I agree with you, Kathleen. We have been creating ‘ideal self’ and not ready to accept when we not yet become one. We might reject ourself in a very subtle way and it is really not healthy habit.

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