I feel like I’ve been driving for hours…oh, wait a minute…I have! Hehe! Yesterday I drove to Worcester and then Greenfield, MA and then back to Norwich, CT. This morning I drove to Worcester and back again to Norwich. The good news is I loved every minute of it. It’s a gift knowing I love to drive!

I’m starting to get familiar with these areas in New England. It looks like I’ll be traveling around a bit in the weeks and months to come. I’m learning to enjoy the exploration of new surroundings. The drive back and forth yesterday and today was peaceful. I never felt any fear of being in unknown territory. I knew I had my trusty GPS system and I simply focused on being present…in the moment…it was great!

How are you with exploring new things? It could be a new situation, a new location, or even new people that bring you to a place of exploration. Fear of the unknown can sometimes keep us from spreading our wings and soaring through the sky. Today I would rather step outside of my comfort zone and reach for the stars. Are any of you with me on this?

Let’s make a deal. Let’s all focus on exploration this week and see how we do with it. It is easier to do this when we know others are doing it too. We can hold each other in the Light as we all seek to learn and grow. Feel free to comment below on your experiences with exploration in any sense of the word. I’d love to hear from you.

Until tomorrow, friends, have a magnificent day!






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