A Day of Observation

I’ve decided to practice observing today…the kind of observation where I see but I do not judge. This is the kind of observation that takes practice…lots and lots of practice. I’m ready though. It’s so much fun to do.

I went out earlier today and spent some time with friends before I went to the grocery store. There was so much to see! I observed what people were wearing (because I’m still adjusting to the colder weather here in Connecticut). Some had coats on, some had sweaters on, and some appeared to be dressed for summer! When I eliminate judgment from my observations, I have a ton of fun. I’m in awe of those people who are so comfortable in this cooler climate. I want to be like them when I grow up…Haha!

As I was shopping in the grocery store, I noticed some of the facial expressions on other shoppers. One mother was frustrated with her son’s behavior and I sent her a silent blessing. One older man was waiting for his prescription to be filled and I could see the pain written on his face so I decided to hold him in the Light. And, I noticed a teenager who was in quite a hurry, darting through the aisles, oblivious to those around him. I sent him love, from my heart, as he hurried past me.

The practice of observing without judging allows me to see with more clarity. I don’t have to decide if I like someone’s outfit or if I agree with their behavior. All I do is watch. I do this because I know that everyone (yes, everyone) is a mirror for me.

I actually enjoy seeing these reflections so I can continue to understand myself more. This practice also expands my compassion for others because the judgment has been laid aside. I learned this lesson from a Unity minister several years ago (thank you, Jim Rosemergy) and I have never forgotten it. Now it’s time for me to do this more often so I can be in the habit of doing it every day. This is what brings joy into my life, regardless of the outer appearances.

Today is a great day and I plan on continuing to practice observing without judging. I can’t wait to see what I observe next! Have a magnificent day, friends!





  1. This made me think.. am I judging all the time I am observing? I thought I was just observing.. I am going to pay attention and see what this process is.. Your days intrigued me.. I am the girl that does things like walk around with my eyes closed to see what it is like to be blind… shrugs.. I have to know.. ❤

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  2. Thank you!!! For the reminder. Observing is something I enjoy since I was a kid. In my country always I enjoyed to be sitting during a coffe time on the street or inside the bar and look through the windows. All the people walking in different directions, the body lenguage, the clothes, sometime some words. I totally feel fascination for this. And of course also is a learning process. And FUN.

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