Affirmations with 7 Syllables

A few years ago, I was introduced to a meditation approach that works wonders for me. Our teacher suggested we create affirmative statements, 7 syllables each, to repeat while entering into a time of quiet. I was amazed at how powerfully this affected my time in the Silence.

I use this technique occasionally and I always enjoy the experience. I was on the road today and suddenly I realized I was thinking about creating some 7-syllable phrases. So, now that I’m finally sitting down to write today’s blog, I thought I would share some affirmations here. I enjoy the process of counting the syllables as I create the sayings. Here are some examples:

I am happy, healthy, whole.

Life is abundance expressed.

Prosperity, a birthright…

I am prosperous and loved.

When I seek, I always find.

I am still and know Peace now.

There are infinite possibilities with this technique. The focus can be on any Universal truth. Prosperity, abundance, health, and wholeness are just some suggestions.

When I use this technique, I choose one of the statements as I prepare for meditation. I take a few deep breaths, in AND out, focusing on the air traveling through my body. Then I say the statement or phrase, silently, to myself, several times. The repetition allows me to relax into the moment as I focus on the idea I have chosen.

Using this approach helps me to concentrate on the Truth of my being. It helps me to remember my divinity. It helps me to release worry while I allow the mantras to fill my consciousness.

Sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to share on this blog before I sit down to write it and today was one of those days. This idea simply came to me in the moment. It must mean I’m about to use this technique more than I have been lately. I love it when a plan comes together. Thanks friends!





  1. Thank you KK. Separately, I heard that seven digits for a phone number was chosen (decades ago) because that length was the most comfortable for the human brain. So it makes sense for a seven syllable affirmation.

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