Acceptance, Not Approval

Yesterday I wrote about the expectations I had of myself, thinking I should be handling things differently. I’m learning to accept myself just as I am, knowing I’m doing the best I can in each moment. Adjusting to my new surroundings is already happening. I just need to allow the process to unfold.

After writing yesterday’s post, it got me to thinking about acceptance. I have learned over the years that I do better when I am in a state of acceptance. If I refuse to accept what I am seeing all around me, if I do not accept what I perceive, then I will not be able to move forward in any way.

I used to get acceptance mixed up with approval all the time. I thought if I accepted someone’s bad behavior, then that meant I was sending them a message that what they were doing was okay. I’ve come to understand that this is not true. I can accept a situation or person “as is” without approving or condoning it or them in any way.

For today, then, I will accept things as they are. I will find the joy in each encounter. I will withhold judgment and focus on acceptance. I hope some of you will join me. Namaste.







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