Realization #1,001

I’ve had another revelation this week. Each day I’m getting to know myself more and more as I create this new chapter of my life in New England. I now realize I am actually uncomfortable with this new freedom! LOL

That sounds strange, even to me. Yet, this is starting to become apparent as the days go by. I’m reaching for the stars, looking for ways to help people in bigger and better ways. As I do this, I’m creating the life experiences I’ve always want to have. Yet, the old thinking comes up from time to time. I can hear that faint voice in the back of my head that tells me I’m not going to be able to pull this off.

Here’s the good news: I don’t listen to that voice anymore. I hear it; I acknowledge it; I release it. It’s in the releasing that I get my greatest reward. It’s the releasing that empowers me to keep moving forward, thinking of new ways to spread the word about my workshops, classes, and individual coaching. As I write this now, I can feel the excitement building up inside of me once again. I am in charge of deciding what I will focus on and the old thinking is not on my radar anymore.

So, just for today, I’m going to continue the creative process. I’m going to plan out my schedule and I’m going to continue to work on the classes I want to facilitate. I’m going to focus on becoming the best spiritual leader I can be for Unity of Central Massachusetts. And, I’m going to enjoy it all.

Thanks for listening (reading), friends! You are so supportive and I just want you to know you’re in my heart…always! Blessings!


In Love and Light,






  1. To Doubt is Human… To keep going instead of those doubts .. is courageous! Tell that little voice to shut up .. You are the driver.. no doubting passengers allowed.. Sometimes that voice in me is annoying and some days.. I drive a quiet and calm vehicle… High Five to our new Destinations

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