Striving for Excellence, not Perfection

Are you a perfectionist? I used to be. And it drove me crazy! Is there anyone out there who can relate to this? (Wink, wink)

Several years ago I heard someone say they shifted their focus from striving for perfection to striving for excellence. This struck a deep chord within me. I knew I could do excellence…perfection was way too difficult for me to wrap my head around.

I decided to write about this today because of a reminder I saw this morning. My friend, Randie, and I are in school to become ordained Unity ministers. One of her posts mentioned the core value of excellence. I immediately thought about my challenge with perfection. I made a conscious choice several years ago to move into striving for excellence. It’s worked well for me and it definitely has reduced stress exponentially.

Synchronicity is a beautiful thing. I start my day with schoolwork and I end up getting a topic for my daily blog post. Thank you, Randie, and thank you, Universe. It’s a beautiful arrangement and I wouldn’t change a thing. Blessings!

In Love and Light,





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