Beautiful Day, Beautiful Life

Today I spent the day with my family and it was delightful. As if that wasn’t enough, I also got to spend some time, outside, in the warm air, reading a book, soaking up the 65-degree sunshine! Woo hoo! I LOVED IT!

Here’s the thing: today I realized how happy I am to be living in New England now. I went out to dinner with my dad and my brother and it was just so enjoyable to be together. These opportunities are precious to me and I appreciate them tremendously.

I’ll be honest here: I miss Florida, I miss my friends in Florida, and I’ve been challenged by cold temperatures. But what I realized today is that I’ve missed spending time with my immediate family. I don’t have to miss out on that anymore. To me, that’s awesome!

Thank you, Universe, for showing me more blessings from this move. All is well and I am grateful.




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