Driving Is Different Now

Well, it’s a beautiful morning. The rain is falling, the sky is rumbling with thunder, and I’m looking forward to being on the road for approximately two hours today. I’m not complaining…I’m just stating the facts. Driving is much different now.

Not only is the terrain different (there are no mountains in Florida), but the entire experience of driving from one location to another has shifted for me. In many cases, I’m unfamiliar with where I’m going, so my senses are on high alert. I must pay closer attention to the roads, to the streets, and to the navigation system in my car. It’s actually exhilarating to drive this way. Who knew that mindful driving could be so much fun??!!

This is me kidding with you, but only to a certain extent. On another level, this shift in my driving technique has been necessary and it has brought me into the present moment with a powerful pull. I began to recognize this phenomenon yesterday as I was driving to several different locations in a town that was unfamiliar to me. Of course, I realized immediately that I should write about it today. This is how my mind works now that I’ve started writing a blog. 😉

I believe some of you reading this today will relate to what I’m sharing here. This concept applies to driving in a new area but it can also apply to other routines in our lives as well. The bottom line is this: I enjoy my life on a grander level when I am fully present to what is happening around me. It’s a lesson I have needed to learn more than once. Now you get to think about it too.

Well, here I go. I’m off to run some errands and attend a meeting in another new town. I am excited to see how the day unfolds from here. Blessings friends!

In Love and Light,


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