Definitions Change Over Time

“The joy in my life is overflowing! My life gets better all the time.” ~ Louise Hay 2018 calendar

When I was younger, I often imagined what life would be like as I got older. I fantasized about having lots of money, living in a big house, and vacationing in far-off places. In other words, I thought these outer conditions would bring joy to my life.

Things have shifted though…my definition of joy and happiness has changed. And that’s a good thing.¬†As time goes by, many of our definitions change.

Success meant one thing to me when I was in my twenties; it is completely different now that I’m in my fifties. I’m sure some of you feel this way too. Can anyone relate?

I have come to realize I don’t need anything…I have all I could want, and it always arrives right on time. Recognizing this phenomenon is what brings me joy and allows me to say, without inhibition, that my life is continuously getting better. Are you at this point in your life? If so, that is awesome. If not, what definitions do you think would have to change in order for you to move in this direction? Share your ideas here. Let’s help each other.

Thanks for reading this. Many blessings, friends!


In Love and Light,


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