Time to Recharge

How are you with self-care? I’m working on it but it’s not always easy for me. It’s something I have had to practice over and over again. In fact, I’ve had to practice it more so now that I’m living in a new area of the country. Today is a day to relax, lay low, and recharge my batteries.

A dear friend of mine taught me about the principle of recharging our batteries. She taught me to pay attention to my body’s reactions to stress, fatigue, etc. She also showed, by example, how to care for herself in a loving way. She rested when she was tired. She turned off the phone when she was feeling pressure to “do, do, do”. She paid attention and was aware of all that was happening around her and to her.

My friend passed away in 2009 but I will always remember the lessons I learned from her. She showed me how to practice self-care through her actions. She didn’t just talk a good talk. She walked the walk. In fact, my way of honoring her life is to follow her lead.

So, I’m relaxing today. I drove hundreds of miles over the last three days so I’m staying home today. I’m even going to take a nap later this afternoon, because resting is part of the self-care process. I hope you will do the same. Rest when you can, enjoy the day, and remember…you’re worth it! Blessings!

In Love and Light,


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