And Today’s Topic is…

I’m absolutely amazed that I have found something to write about on a daily basis for three months now. I thought it would be too difficult to attempt. Yet, here I am, posting about my personal ideas and reflections on a daily basis. Who would’ve thunk it??!!

As I sit here, typing away, I realize it really isn’t that shocking. After all, doesn’t everyone have the ability to carry on conversations with people every day? This is just my conversation with many, many people. It might appear to be a bit one-sided at times (I’m a talker!), but your feedback in the comment section below lifts me up and gives me new ideas to think about. It’s a great conversation and a terrific deal for me from my perspective!

I am so grateful that I followed through on this idea. I don’t always do that, to be honest with you. I’ve had lots of ideas in the past but I haven’t always made the choice to take the actions necessary to implement those ideas. But I did for this one…and I’m glad I did. See you all tomorrow! Blessings!


In Love and Light,


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