No More Theorizing for Me

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” ~ Friedrich Engels

Ooh, this says a lot, doesn’t it? There are some people who are all talk but no action. Do you know anyone like that? Perhaps some of you recognize this because you tend to be this way too. Well, I can relate. You see, I was the queen of talking things up without taking any action whatsoever. It was not pretty.

I struggled for years with this challenge. I had good ideas (I thought so). I knew what to do. The only problem was I couldn’t get motivated to do what I needed to do to accomplish anything. This is probably why I didn’t get a college degree until I was in my mid-forties. That’s when I started to recognize the futility in my pattern of thinking too much and doing nothing.

These days I’m taking action on many fronts. I no longer sit at home, alone, thinking about all of the fun things I could be doing. Now I’m a person who goes out and about, living life out loud, knowing that my actions speak for themselves. Just for today, I will not theorize…I will act and I will enjoy every waking moment of the day. I hope you do too. Blessings friends!

In Love and Light,



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