This is a challenging life situation I am facing right now. I’m up to the challenge…there is no doubt in my mind about that. However, this doesn’t mean I never experience doubts. They try to creep into my consciousness, but I don’t allow them to stick around.

I was taught that whatever I resist will persist. Therefore, I want to be clear about this concept. I do not resist the doubts…I acknowledge them, I even thank them for showing up, but then I give them permission to go away!

It took some time for me to practice this technique. It wasn’t natural for me to welcome the doubts that crept into my consciousness. But I trusted the teacher who brought up this new approach to me and I continued to get better at it.

Now, it’s natural for me to pause, acknowledge the doubt or negativity, give thanks for it showing up, and kindly ask it to go. By doing this, I am showing my gratitude for everything that comes into my thinking. It all has a purpose, but I don’t have to dwell on the doubts or the negative thoughts that might pop up from time to time. That would not be time well spent.

Today I read an affirmation which I’m going to use moving forward. As I’ve said before, the Universe has many ways of reminding me how I can focus my mind on what matters most. Let me share the affirmation with you here…maybe you can use it too:

“I move forward joyously now, accepting that which is my perfect environment, employment, and supply.” ~ 365 Science of Mind

Many blessings to you, friends!

In Love and Light,



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